02 July 2015

Mountain View Cemetery guided drive-through

Friday, 10 July 2015
11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Tickets: $15
Advance registration required

Mountain View Cemetery is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. On July 10 we’ll kick off our new season of Friday Outings with a guided drive-through of this beautiful historic cemetery. The tour will include the architecturally significant mausoleums and graves of the rich and famous.

Register by sending an e-mail to baha@berkeleyheritage.com or calling (510) 841-2242. Registration cutoff is on Thursday, 9 July, at 4 pm.

Payment may be made through the following methods:
  • By check made out to BAHA and sent to BAHA, 2318 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
  • Electronically via PayPal
  • On tour day, handed in person to Sally Sachs (no credit cards)

We will meet at the entrance gate, 5000 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland at 10:30 am to arrange carpooling for the tour and parking for the rest of the vehicles. The tour will last an hour to an hour and a half. As always, an optional lunch at a local restaurant is available. Let us know if you’re interested in this option.