29 December 2004

Century Building demolition

The website savethecentury.org documents the day-by-day destruction of the famed Century Building in St. Louis. The building was constructed in 1896. Being listed in the National Register of Historic Places did not save it from demolition.

The December issue of The Commonspace published Michael R. Allen’s essay We Lose More than the Century Building.

21 December 2004

BAHA Gift Shop holiday hours

The BAHA Gift Shop at the McCreary-Greer House, 2318 Durant Avenue, in the rear, will be open Wednesday, 22 Dec. from 2 to 6 pm and Thursday, 23 Dec. from 2 to 4 pm.

Julia Morgan: Architect, 1977
Lilian Bridgman, Architect, 1983
Maybeck, The Family View, 1980, 1991
The Berkeley Fire, 1992

Berkeley Landmarks, revised edition, August 2001
Picturing Berkeley: A Postcard History, November 2002

People & Places, A Memoir, Stonegarden Press, 1992
Buildings of Berkeley: Phase Two, 1991
Last of the Ultimate Bungalows: The Thorsen House, The Gamble House, 1996

41 Walking Tours of Berkeley, Cal., 1986
Dear Richard, 2004
Berkeley Southside CD-ROM, 2004
Berkeley 1900
Tamalpais Tales, 2004

House Tour Brochures (available: John Galen Howard & the Beaux Arts Tradition, 1988; 1st Church of Christ, Scientist & its Benvenue Neighbors, 1991; Panoramic Hill, 1989; Claremont Creekside, 1990; Southampton’s Villas, 1991; The 1923 Berkeley Fire, 1992; Northbrae, 1994; Piedmont Way, 1995; Arts & Crafts in Oakland & Berkeley, 1996; Claremont & The Uplands, 1998; Kelsey Ranch, 1999; How the Neighbors Lived, 1999; Claremont Country Houses & Gardens, 2000; Around Live Oak Park, 2001; Around the Claremont Hotel, 2001; The Making of a Streetcar Suburb, 2002; Tamalpais & Shasta, 2003; Berkeley 1890, 2004.

See our Publications page for prices and additional gift ideas.