20 May 2006

Path Wanderers architectural walks

Berkeley Rose Garden (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2004)

Saturday, 27 May, 10:00 am

Alan Kaplan, retired East Bay Regional Parks naturalist and storyteller extraordinaire, leads a Berkeley Path Wanderers walk to explore gems of North Berkeley architecture.

Meet at the entrance to the Berkeley Rose Garden, west side of Euclid Avenue between Bay View Place and Eunice Street. Bring water, snack, and sun protection. The pace will be moderate, with some steep stairways. Information at (510) 526-7609 or at berkeleypaths.org.

Saturday, 10 June, 10:00 am

Ron Sipherd leads a Berkeley Path Wanderers walk of “Willard Plus” neighborhood landmarks.

On Ron’s website you can view photos of the tour highlights and download an itinerary and a printable map of the walk. Meet on Russell Street by the streetcar bend near Regent Street. Moderate pace, mostly flat walk. Ron suggests you bring your BPWA map.


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