30 June 2006

Cohen-Bray House wins Ugly Window contest

Pardee Home Museum, Oakland

At a party held in the garden of the Pardee Home Museum on Thursday, 29 June, Wooden Window, Inc. of Oakland announced the results of its Ugly Window contest, which promised the winning entry a custom-made replacement worth up to $5,000.

The winning entry

An independent panel of judges selected five finalists from a pool of over fifty entries. The winner by the judges’ unanimous decision was the highly deserving historic Cohen-Bray House, none of whose windows are particularly ugly, but some are deteriorated to such an extent that they have contributed water infiltration that caused additional damage within the building.

Party guests were treated to a tour of the Pardee Home’s ground floor.

21 June 2006

BAHA Preservation Awards online

Captain Boudrow House (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

The 2006 BAHA Preservation Awards, presented at our annual membership meeting on 25 May, are now online. Come visit.

16 June 2006

Wendy Rogers Dancing explores Julia Morgan’s architecture

YWCA of Oakland, 1515 Webster St.
Thursday, 29 June 2006, 2:00 & 6:00 pm

ODC Theater and Wendy Rogers Dancing present A Tour with Dancing: a peek at new choreography by Wendy Rogers, exploring architecure by famed Bay Area architect Julia Morgan. Morgan designed a series of YMCA buildings in California, Hawaii, and Utah. Her Oakland YWCA was built in 1915. A Tour with Dancing features danced findings produced during two weeks of site-derived research by Rogers and an ensemble of dancers. The tour will be interspersed with commentary by historian Karen McNeill and YWCA staff member VJ Purvis.

Admission: $10 general; children 10 and under free. Tickets may be purchased online or by phone: (415) 863-9834.

09 June 2006

Susan Cerny discusses Berkeley’s architectural heritage

Mrs. Dalloway’s bookstore, 2904 College Ave.
Sunday, 16 July 2006, 4 pm

Architectural historian Susan Dinkelspiel Cerny, author of Berkeley Landmarks, newspaper articles, and monographs for BAHA, will talk about Berkeley’s architectural heritage, the unique quality of its early twentieth-century neighborhoods, and why preservation is essential to maintain Berkeley’s charming old-fashioned character.

Most of BAHA’s neighborhood guidebooks will be available for sale. If you’ve wanted to add to your knowlege about the houses in your neighborhood, when were they built and by whom, don’t miss this event.