27 October 2006

Inspired by Precedent, Part 2

Anthony Hall, U.C. Berkeley campus (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

How can the beguiling U.C. campus pavilion known as the Pelican Building be so Maybeck and yet not be?

This question and others about the origins of buildings inspired by others find an answer in part two of the series.

13 October 2006

Inspired by Precedent

Chapel of the Cross (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

How many distinctive structures in the East Bay are modeled after famous precedents? The article Inspired by Precedent tracks down some of them.

The first of two parts was published today in the Berkeley Daily Planet. The version on the BAHA website includes many more images of the buildings and their inspirations.

10 October 2006

California Tiles: Arts & Crafts Principles Revive the Golden Era

Tile expert and collector Riley Doty was a major contributor to the book California Tile: The Golden Era 1910–1940 (Schiffer, 2004). In this lecture, Riley and fellow historian Joe Taylor will argue that a second golden era is currently underway. The lecture will be illustrated by images of significant installations from the Middle Ages to the present and a selection of contemporary and historic art tiles. Part of an ongoing Arts & Crafts lecture series at the Hillside Club.

Thursday, 26 October 2006, 8:00 pm
Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Suggested donation: $10

09 October 2006

The pleasures of Point Richmond

Photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006

On Saturday, 7 October 2006, Susan Schwartz led a Berkeley Path Wanderers walking tour around historic Point Richmond.

You can follow the tour’s path in our Photo Gallery.

Jay Cross posted another set of photos on Flickr.