17 December 2016

Nicholas Friend honors Charles Keeler

The Hillside Club Round Table Presents

Honoring Charles Keeler: The Triumph of Light
A Lecture and performance by Nicholas Friend

Wednesday, 21 December 2016
7:30 pm
The Hillside Club
2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley

  Charles Keeler, Bernard Maybeck’s first residential client and his most influential early advocate, deeply understood the vital importance of communal cultural ritual. In his play, The Triumph of Light: A California Midwinter Sun Mystery, he exhorts us to emerge from our gloom, to rise together as Community—recommitted to our highest ideals—even though we find ourselves in the dark.                      

Cultural historian Nicholas Friend honors Charles Keeler’s enduring contribution to the cultural heritage of Berkeley through an offering of a simple lecture and performance. After remarks on the science and the art of Winter Solstice practices and traditions, and on other things as well, he will conclude with a performance, in costume, of well-chosen extracts from the text of The Triumph of Light.


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