23 July 2021

We’re back with Jacomena Maybeck! First live webcast of the year!

Jacomena Maybeck by Pam Valois

Blooming in Winter: The Story of a Remarkable Twentieth-Century Woman

Author Pam Valois discusses her new biography of Jacomena Maybeck.

Thursday, 26 August 2021
Zoom Webcast at 7:00 pm

Owing to the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant, this event will now take place online.

Tickets: $15 ~ Signed Book: $15
Box office at Eventbrite

When Pam Valois met her in the 1970s, Jacomena Maybeck was a model of zestful, hands-on living, still tarring roofs and splitting logs at age seventy-seven, and Pam was a young working mother trying to carve out time for creative projects. Pam and her husband rented Jackie’s cottage and eventually, with her blessing, married on the cottage lawn. Their friendship would blossom during Jackie’s winter years.

Decades later, after Pam and her husband bought Jackie’s home on Maybeck Twin Drive, Pam found she wanted to know more about her early years: What had shaped and supported this venerable and vibrant woman whom she and her family loved? Blooming in Winter tells this tale.

Please join us for an interesting conversation between the author and Berkeley historian Steven Finacom, direct from Jacomena’s former home, designed by her father-in-law. Signed books are also available for sale through the BAHA office.


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