25 January 2004

Faculty Club garners another distinction

U.C. Faculty Club (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2004)

The U.C. Berkeley Faculty Club (Bernard Maybeck, 1902), a City and State Landmark also listed in the National Register of Historic Places, can now go down in history as the place where Guinga slept on the night of 24 January 2004.

Who is Guinga? He’s one of Brazil’s great virtuoso guitarists and its most important living popular composer.

The musician, who was here yesterday to perform at the sold-out International Guitar Night at the Freight & Salvage, was accompanied by his wife F├ítima. Most likely they were registered at the hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Althier de Souza Lemos Escobar—this being the composer’s legal name.

Who knows? One day there may be a plaque at the Faculty Club stating: “Guinga slept here.”