15 June 2004

Can you identify this place?



Test your knowledge of Berkeley. If you can identify the place in the photos, enter your answer in the comment tool below this post. The first person to post the correct answer will receive a prize.


OpenID rainbow said...

It sort of reminds me of a fence that was near the house of Dr Ynez Coit Tyler in the Berkeley Hills, but I've not been in the area since the 70s. I'm pretty sure it was out Hopkins to the Circle and up Marin, but when I look on googlemaps I can't figure out where her home was. But at the north side of north end of the street she was on the land was fenced off with an old-fahsioned sort of fence. There were no houses like in the picture, though.

16 April, 2010 17:28  
Blogger Daniella Thompson said...

Wrong answer.

16 April, 2010 17:40  

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