01 October 2004

Berkeley City Club

Berkeley City Club (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2004)

In April 1927, a group of Berkeley women, long having felt the need of a center for women’s activities and long having cherished the plan of bringing this into being in their city, called a meeting of delegates from various women’s clubs in Berkeley. A temporary chairwoman, Dr. Kate Gompertz, was authorized to appoint committees to complete the organization of a Women’s City Club for Berkeley.

Thus begins an article in the Berkeley, California Year Book of 1930, where the young Berkeley Women’s City Club, 4,000-members strong after a mere three years of existence, announced its new building, then under construction and entirely financed by the members. It was a feat the likes of which will never be seen in Berkeley again.

With the help of the Berkeley City Club, we have mounted the first three pages of a series dedicated to the club, its history, and its building. More will come.


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