05 March 2005

Bishop Berkeley Day at BHS

George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne

When was George Berkeley born? An account of his life published in 1776 by Joseph Stock sets down his year of birth at 1684. According to all other sources, including the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the eminent thinker and mathematician was born in 1685, which is also Johann Sebastian Bach’s birth year.

Whether in 1684 or 1685, all agree that our fair city’s namesake (see Berkeley’s City Charter) was born on 12 March. How a California city came to be named after an Irish philosopher is told in BAHA’s article on Founders’ Rock.

Bishop Berkeley Day will be observed this coming Saturday, 12 March, at the Berkeley Historical Society Museum. From 1 to 4 pm, volunteers will be on hand to answer general Berkeley history questions and specific questions about Bishop Berkeley’s philosophy and history. A presentation will be made at 3 pm.

Birthday cake, tea, and other little treats will be served.

This is also a chance to see the exhibition “Celebrating the Berkeley Fire Department’s Centennial,” which ends on Saturday, 26 March.


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