18 February 2006

Memorial Stadium and Southeast Quadrant update

California Memorial Stadium, ca. 1945 (Bancroft Library, UARC PIC 03:119)

The massive development known as the Southeast Campus Integrated Projects (“Integrated Projects”) is having another public airing this coming Wednesday evening. Starting early at 6:00 p.m. on 22 February, the meeting will be between four city commissions, the University of California’s architects, and the public.

On 13 December 2005, the City of Berkeley issued its response to the University’s Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Draft Initial Study for the Southeast Campus Integrated Projects in which it expressed its disappointment regarding the adequacy of this effort. BAHA expressed similar sentiments, as did the Coalition of Affected Parties.

It is very important that the commissioners be informed about the project context, which is to say, the neighborhood context. Without our voice, they truly will have no idea. Many people know nothing about the residential character of the various neighborhoods impacted by growth in this inaccessible part of Berkeley.

The meeting only lasts till 7:30 p.m., so please arrive on time. The hour and a half will be packed with a presentation by the architects, comments from 36 commissioners, and comments from the public. The four commissions include Planning, Landmarks Preservation, Transportation, and Design Review. Notably absent is the Disaster Council.

Although we in the public will not have much time to speak, our presence is important anyway. Our numbers matter.

The meeting will take place at the North Berkeley Senior Center, which is located at 1901 Hearst Avenue at MLK. Come early and get in the queue to speak. See the Joint Meeting agenda.

See also the university’s Historic Structure and Landscape Reports for California Memorial Stadium and Piedmont Way.


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