27 May 2006

Ramble & picnic in the Berkeley hills

Strawberry Canyon c. 1905

Sunday, 25 June 2006, 12 noon

The California Native Plant Society’s East Bay Chapter and BAHA will sponsor a picnic and field trip with amateur California naturalists.
  • View the Berkeley Property tract California oak grove
  • Picnic in the garden of the Willis Lynn Jepson House on Panoramic Hill
  • Ramble up Strawberry Canyon following the course of the creek
$15 (picnic lunch provided). Attendance by reservation only. Payment may be made online via credit card/PayPal or by check, payable to BAHA and mailed to:, payable to BAHA, to:
P.O. Box 1137
Berkeley, CA 94701
Please include your telephone number and the names of all participants in your party. Questions? Call (510) 841-2242 or e-mail BAHA.


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