09 April 2007

Another tree mishap

A falling tree branch knocked off one of the First Church’s trellises. (photo: Jerry Sulliger, 9 April 2007)

BAHA board member Jerry Sulliger just sent the photo above, showing a missing trellis on the easternmost column at the Dwight Way fa├žade of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. A substantial branch, 10” in diameter, had fallen from the last remaining street Dutch Elm tree onto the church’s Board Room roof and knocked the trellis off its column.

According to Janet Homrighausen, secretary of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the City’s Parks Department received an emergency call this morning. City crews responded to the call and removed the branch from the roof.

The City’s Forestry Supervisor, Jerry Koch, examined the tree and determined that it has a large decay column extending into the branches and will need to be removed. Koch explained that the decay in this and many other street trees stems directly from the City’s ill-advised tree-topping program of 30 or more years ago, which rendered the trees vulnerable to disease and rot.

The same trellis three years ago. (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2004)


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