19 May 2008

Historic preservation summer course at U.C. Berkeley

Are you interested in the fate of your neighborhood or community? A popular 8-week U.C. Berkeley course on historic preservation is being offered this summer. Enrollment is open to the general public at a cost of $810.

The class is taught by Helaine Kaplan Prentice, ASLA, an author and lecturer in City Planning who brings to the classroom 30 years’ experience as a city planner, with numerous awards.

She promises “Great field trips. Guest speakers. Seminar atmosphere. No exams,” and describes the course as follows:
Preservation plays an increasingly prominent role in planning decisions and architecture practice. Yet much opinion is based on stereotypes and superficial information. Here’s a chance to really understand the issues, and how historic designation can benefit city life. I stress preservation as a planning strategy.

Preservation brings funding, good design and cultural identity. This class is an excellent way to learn an important facet of the profession, and to discuss urban issues with architects and landscape architects. Our reading is accessible and worthwhile. Assignments build visual skills, too.
City and Regional Planning
Course CY PLAN 190
Advanced Topics in Urban Studies: Historic Preservation in California
23 June–13 August 2008
Mon & Wed 1–4 pm, 214B Wurster Hall

For additional information, contact Helaine Kaplan Prentice.


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