25 December 2008

In Catalina, beauty off the beaten track

A rainbow over Isthmus Cove, Two Harbors (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2008)

The island of Santa Catalina receives over a million visitors per year, but the vast majority of them go in summer and never set foot outside the principal town of Avalon. Twenty-one miles long and eight miles wide at its widest point, the island offers much more than day-tripper cotton candy and kitschy souvenirs. And if you go in winter, the place is all yours—especially if you choose to stay on the western and less frequented side of Catalina, where a half-mile isthmus separates two natural and scenic back-to-back harbors.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed finding a rainbow over the island that we have visited several times. Glad you took the photo and shared it. We are back in Chicago area and involved in preservation here, so it was great fun to stumble upon your site from a time when we lived on the west coast. Susan
P.S. This is my daughter's email.

22 February, 2009 06:20  

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