15 November 2009

41 Berkeley Walking Tours

Berkeley’s hidden neighborhoods and architectural treasures come to life in this authoritative guidebook. Discover 1,500 noteworthy buildings and their backgrounds, legacy of the city’s fascinating 150-year history.

41 Berkeley Walking Tours: Architectural Walks Through the University Town is BAHA’s new, completely revised and updated replacement for the popular 41 Walking Tours of Berkeley, Cal.

This book includes entirely new walks, with a short history of each area and a brief description of each building. Each walking tour receives a two-page spread with an introduction, map, and photo of a representative building. Some pages offer tips for detours to nearby attractions.

In addition, the book provides a concise history of Berkeley, a résumé of its prominent architects and builders, and a pictorial compendium of common architectural styles.

See a list of the walking tours, a sample page, and sample entries here.


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