25 September 2010

Measure R — Claims vs. Facts

Downtown Berkeley
Photo: Daniella Thompson

The argument in favor of Measure R, Mayor Bates’ Downtown Area Plan, promises a “safe, vibrant and green Downtown Berkeley.” How much of the measure’s “Green Vision” promise can you believe?

Planner John English compares Measure R proponents’ deceptive wording, as quoted from the voter’s pamphlet, with what the measure itself does or doesn’t prescribe. Read his detailed analysis on the BAHA website.


Anonymous Jonathan Pool said...

Interesting analysis. Thanks for the warnings about apparent obfuscations. I'd like the opportunity to present an advocate and an opponent, discussing their contrary claims, to fellow residents of the 60-unit Berkeley housing cooperative where I live. Please let me know if someone affiliated with your organization would be available for such a discussion.

25 September, 2010 21:23  

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