02 March 2011

Alternatives to Branch Libraries demolitions

Todd Jersey Architecture

Todd Jersey is the architect responsible for the much publicized restoration of the Richmond Plunge. Now he offers innovative and practical designs for restoring and expanding the South Berkeley and West Berkeley Branch Libraries, which the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) proposes to demolish.

Todd Jersey submitted his designs to the City of Berkeley in response to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Branch Libraries. BAHA has asked the City Council, BOLT, and key commissions to consider these designs carefully, since they offer many advantages. They:
  • meet or exceed the libraries’ programmatic & space requirements
  • are cost-effective and well within the budget
  • comply with Measure FF
  • preserve two important historic resources
  • provide much-needed civic street presence
  • meet green construction standards
  • comply with CEQA requirements
For additional information, read Judith Epstein’s article, “How a Public Process Led to New Designs for the South and West Branch Libraries.”


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