30 July 2012

Two brown-shingle houses for sale at $1 each

The houses on Walnut Street at Berkeley Way (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2009)

Two historic brown-shingle residential buildings, located at 1930 and 1922–24 Walnut Street, between University Avenue and Berkeley Way (read an article about their historic background), are being offered for sale at $1 each.

Both buildings are two stories tall. They were constructed in 1905 as duplex residences and have since been converted to apartments. Their current site is slated for the planned Acheson Commons development.

Seller will pay the costs of moving the structures to the buyer’s site.

Buyer must:
  • relocate the buildings within Berkeley’s municipal borders;
  • provide a lot that can accommodate both structures in compliance with City of Berkeley zoning requirements;
  • undertake all subsequent costs.

Interested parties must demonstrate the ability to accept the structures on the new site by May 2013. Inquiries should be directed to Mia Perkins at mperkins@citycentric.net.

Photo: Daniella Thompson, 2009


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the status of these two? They seem far too lovely to lose!

11 February, 2013 22:06  
Blogger Daniella Thompson said...

We haven't heard of any offers.

11 February, 2013 22:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For several months, I have been looking for the perfect combination of excellent contractors, financing and an amiable lot. It is a challenging equation to come up with!

I think I have a few of the pieces, but not all of it!

02 April, 2013 21:22  

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