31 January 2013

Viewing the restored Cheney Cottage

Photo: Daniella Thompson, 2013

The Cheney Cottage was one of two houses built by the “American Turgenev” and located at 2241 and 2243 College Avenue, on land that was eventually swallowed by the U.C. campus. The cottage was built in 1902 by contractor Carl Ericsson and used as rental property. The design appears to have been inspired by Maybeck’s Boke House on Panoramic Way.

In 2009, the university offered the two houses for sale. The older house, a Victorian, received no offers and was demolished. The cottage was sold, and after a long saga involving a move to an interim location, was brought to 62nd Street, where it was lovingly restored.

See a few photos of the restored cottage here.


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