05 April 2006

Landmark applications online

The days of the definitive printed landmark application may soon be over. Even after an application has been filed with the city, new information often comes to light that necessitates amendments and corrections. Applications are most easily amended in digital form, and an online version can be made instantly available not only to the Landmarks Preservation Commission but to all interested persons.

Online applications have the added advantage of providing the capability to display an unlimited number of photographs without the need for printing.

Two landmark applications are currently available online. The first, for the Laura Belle Marsh Kluegel House (John Hudson Thomas, 1911) at 2667–69 Le Conte Avenue, has been repeatedly updated since it was first filed in late November 2005. The public hearing, continued from 2 February, will resume tomorrow, 6 April.

The second application, for the Bevatron and Building 51, returns to the LPC initiated by a 50-signature petition after the commission failed to act on its own initiation during its January meeting. In tomorrow’s meeting, the LPC will set a new hearing date for the Bevatron application.


Blogger Daniella Thompson said...

The Kluegel House was designated a City of Berkeley Landmark on 6 April 2006.

14 January, 2007 16:27  

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