08 January 2010

El Cerrito’s Architectural Heritage

An illustrated talk by Dave Weinstein

Sunday, 24 January 2010
El Cerrito Senior Center
6500 Stockton Avenue (behind the library)
Info: (510) 524-1737

Free admission

Learn about El Cerrito’s surprisingly rich architectural history, including buildings by such star Bay Area architects as John Hudson Thomas and Walter Ratcliff. One of the world’s leading modernists, Richard Neutra, designed a house in El Cerrito, and the city’s hills are particularly rich in wonderful mid-century modern homes.

Visit intact neighborhoods from several different eras that give El Cerrito much of it charm and character. Hear about the city’s most beautiful street, chock-a-block with picturesque Storybook houses. See the city’s cutest rustic cabin. Enjoy a church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, and admire what could be the nicest mid-century modern school in the East Bay.

Dave Weinstein is the author of Signature Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area.


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