27 January 2004

A new direction for the
Howard Automobile showroom

Photo: BAHA archives

The Howard Automobile Co. showroom at 2140 Durant Avenue and Fulton Street—a City of Berkeley Landmark—was acquired by the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA), which is in the process of designing an adaptation of the space, to include teaching facilities, offices, a bookstore, and a two-story residential addition above the Fulton Street car-shop wing.

A delegation from BCA and its architects presented the plans to the BAHA Preservation Action Committee on 15 January 2004. The committee was favorably impressed with the plan’s sensitive treatment of both the landmark structure and its next-door Victorian neighbors on Fulton Street.

The two-story residential addition will be well set back from the Fulton St. faƧade and the southern elevation adjacent to the Victorians. Its design will complement that of the original structure. Most of the parking will be located underground, Freeing up space in the parking lot for a garden at the entrance gate.

If the plans are carried out as presented, the 1930 landmark could become a model of creatively adaptive reuse.

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