14 July 2004

Preservation action, 1919 style

The statement above was made in a protest letter that 47 residents of Daley’s Scenic Park addressed to the Berkeley City Council in November 1919. They wrote:
This protest is made at this time, because of the removal of a large oak tree on Le Conte Avenue, near Le Roy Avenue, which tree is now in the process of removal, and which tree was in no dangerous condition, as claimed, and could have been brought back to the normal condition by the application of a small water-drip, as was suggested to the authorities by Mrs Perkins, et al, and as was done in the case of Le Conte and other oaks on the University Grounds with entire success.

The complete letter, with additional signature pages, can be seen here. On the same page there’s a rare photograph of the oak tree circa 1910, shortly after Le Conte Avenue had been graded as part of the Hillside Club Street Improvements in the Daley’s Scenic Park tract.


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