21 August 2004

The Tape family at leisure

Bernice Park at Pacific Grove
(photo from Tape family album, courtesy of Jack kim)

The saga of the Tapes of Russell Street continues to unfold.

A few months ago we borrowed the photo albums of the Tape family from Jack Kim, Ruby Tape’s youngest brother, and scanned hundreds of images. Some of them are scattered throughout the four articles. Others will be published in pictorial pages.

The first pictorial page is now online. It depicts the Tape family at leisure during the first decades of the 20th century. See them on their Sunday outings, camping, relaxing in vacation resorts, picnicking, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, and splashing in the sea.

The happy little girl to the left is Bernice Park, daughter of Florence and Edward Park. Edward was the brother of Robert Park, who married Emily Tape. Florence and Ed lived with their two daughters in a Brown Shingle at 1743 Cedar Street. Across the street, at 1744, lived Daisy and Wah S. Lee, close friends of the Tapes.

Enjoy the album. More pages and more photos will follow.


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