22 January 2007

Three wise women in a tree

Shirley Dean, Betty Olds & Sylvia McLaughlin spent an hour in an oak tree to protest UC’s plans to cut down the oak grove. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Former Berkeley mayor Shirley Dean (71), Councilmember Betty Olds (86), and Save the Bay founder Sylvia McLaughlin (90) joined the Save the Oaks at Memorial Stadium tree sitters at 11:30 this morning when they climbed a ladder to a tree platform, where they remained for an hour.

The three wise women called on the university to set a better example to its students and practice what it preaches. They vowed to continue the protest until the university abandons its plans to cut down the oak grove. Shirley and Betty joined the new orgnization U.C. Alumni for the Oaks.

Watch a video of the occasion.

Many prominent Berkeleyans and the media turned out for the event.

Photo: Daniella Thompson


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