27 September 2010

Vote NO on Measure R

Downtown Berkeley retains a historic context and a sense of place. It is still the center of our city. There are better models than Measure R for revitalizing our downtown.

Measure R:
♦ is fiscally irresponsible and full of vague statements.
♦ is not green—it takes approximately 65 years for a green,
energy-efficient new office building to recover the energy
lost in demolishing an existing building.
♦ will destroy our Landmarks Ordinance.
♦ will not bring back a vibrant and welcoming downtown.

Protect Berkeley’s Historic Main Street from:
♦ Manhattanization
♦ Corporate control
♦ Tax-revenue loss

Preserve Downtown Berkeley’s:
♦ Sense of place and harmony with neighborhoods
♦ Citizen participation
♦ Local opportunities for revenue

Measure R does nothing to bring back a vibrant and welcoming downtown. It is an attempt to gut our Landmarks Preservation Ordinance.


Click here to download and print the flier.


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