13 March 2011

Pre-House Tour Lecture

Stoodley House (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2011)

5 May 2011, 7:30 pm at the Hillside Club
Storybook Style
Speaker: Daniella Thompson

Berkeley is a treasure trove of buildings that look as if they’d stepped out of a Mother Goose fairy tale. In the course of this illustrated talk, we’ll pay a visit to and marvel at the fanciful work of specialists in the whimsical genre that manifested itself during the 1920s.

Architects and builders who left their mark on Berkeley’s “Hansel & Gretel” architecture include William Raymond Yelland, Jack Thornburg, Francis Harvey Slocombe, Carr Jones, Sidney & Noble Newsom, and the Fox Brothers.

Editor of the BAHA website and author of the article series East Bay: Then and Now, Daniella Thompson will showcase both well-known and obscure examples of Storybook Style in Berkeley.

Tickets may be purchased via the ticket order form or online. See instructions for using PayPal (a handling charge will be added).


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